Can't 'Bond More'

When trying to bond more I get the following message.
Or if trying a new stake I get the second photo I’ll post under this.
Why would it be low priority to stake KSM?

Or I get this if I try a new stake with new controller wallet

@MrDobalina would be glad to help but we need a little more information on what steps you took to get to this point.

Could you provide more context?

Ok thanks for replying.
So I staked, then I changed controller address. Then I went a few days not being able to get to this network at the .js website/app.
I then in a previous thread got told a new custom node address to enter, which I did.
I then tried to do a new stake and used a new controller address and that wouldn’t work as the photo shows. I then tried to do a new stake and use the same controller address and that still didn’t show which the other photo shows. That’s it.

Right now it’s 1am and I have to get to bed but will check in and send any info you may require to help me out. I would like to stake the rest though I was leaving a few in. Then I have another wallet with another 100+ if like to also stake on the weekend.

I did originally stake them, then unbonded straight away as I was just trying the features out and they got stuck in a unbonding period of 99 million blocks I have to wait. This was day 1.
I then staked more though, but after that I couldn’t get on the site even changing the custom address until someone kindly posted a new custom address (node) that I entered , which is in the other thread increased.

If this is Chris, we have talked on email but not about this specific issue. I still have those in a very long unbonding period.

Ok great, thanks for the detail; the long unbonding period addressees will be fixed but aren’t actively fixed yet.

Just to update this, I have tried to bond more KSM with the same wallet I set up a stake with, which I was having trouble with as explained in this thread, but today it went through.
I did nothing different but today it just worked.

Hutch- you guys were holding back 1.5m DOTs for a possible a possible 2nd ICO auction. The KSM for those DOTs, are they being used on KUSAMA or are they locked away replicating how the genesis block might be if you still haven’t issued those 1.5m dots

Im not asking if you’re doing a 2nd auction or anything, just wondering if the KSM for those are part of this experiment network?


The allocations for the KSM will be relative; I believe that there will still be claims for KSMs for any new DOT allocations open. The curve is adaptive relative to the supply.

Thank You. Would it be easier if you guys just sold me an allocation of a few thousand more DOT for 0.036 ETH , like in the good ole days?

I’m so excited for Polkadot. Ive got this image of the entire crypto world being lifted up a few inches from the ground, pull out all the rubble of the World Wide Web and all the different paythis and paythat logos and slide under a nice new freshly pressed piece sheet metal that Rolls Royce wants to add their logo too.

Is Polkadot going to go through rebranding when the final product rolls out? Even ‘DotBlock’ or ‘InterDOT’ ? The image I have in my head has a hard time with mainstream being able to process technology called PolkaDot.

Thanks for all your Replies.