ExtrinsicStatus:: 1010


After the network update I have the following problem. I can not make a nomination. I also can not unbound my KSM. I always get the answer.



submitAndWatchExtrinsic(extrinsic: Extrinsic): ![bonded|348x123] Invalid Transaction: Payment

Can you help me?

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I’ve got the same issue. I would love to see better explainers for the errors happening.

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Hey thanks for posting, Kommi just to confirm you do have KSM in your account and not all is bonded?

Hey @cool & @kommi!

This error message means that the account doesn’t have enough available funds to make the transaction. You need to unbond some.

Thank you @emily & @hutch

I have 141.018 bonded and 1.2 unbonded.

Its not possible to unbond ksm. I already tried that with different amounts. Please check my screenshots.


How to unlock this amount?


you need some KSM balance in your controller account.

@ValidatorsOnline Please read my answers a little more closely. My controller account has a balance credit. But now the problem has been fixed last week with unbond.