Introductions thread

Hey Kusamans! :wave:

Thought I’d get things started with an ‘introductions thread.’

I’m Gavin, community analyst at Figment Networks. Figment will be providing a validator service for Kusama, and I’m looking forward to experimenting with the governance mechanisms.

I just wrote this Kusama article:
Grateful for any likes/RTs:


Hi @Gavin thanks for introducing, writing the article and gave you like on twitter.

Looking forward to KSM when I get it.

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Hi everyone! Working on SSI on Substrate. Nice to be here!


Hi everybody!

I’m Edouard from POS Bakerz, we operate infrastructure and staking-as-a-service for PoS protocols, and we’re looking forward to validating on Kusama.

Nice article @Gavin

Oh, I was missing this post.

Hello, I’m Victor from melea

Nice to meet you all.- :wink: