Kusama-governed Wiki!

Hi there, I’m Pepo and I’ve been developing and experimenting with technologies for distributed collaboration and governance for a few years now. The lesson we have learned is that decentralized governance is a lot about communication tools and not only about voting.

As a result, we have been prototyping an on-chain governed Wiki that evolves similarly to a GIT-repository so that community members can have their own versions of it and propose changes to the official version. Only if these changes are approved on-chain, the official Wiki content is updated. There is a demo and more resources below.

This is very useful for having a legitimate knowledge base that is, for example, governed by Kusama’s council. The technology can also be used for on-chain-governed content by individual accounts, or eventually multisigs or DAOs.

I have been following Polkadot development and Kusama from the sidelines and wanted to get in touch when I had something ready to be shared and used. Now is the time.

The Proposal

We would like to propose the community to use funds from Kusama Treasury to develop this. This is our plan:

(Step 1) Account-owned prototype

Using the native identity and naming system of Polkadot, let Kusama accounts govern and update their own content space. They can use it to store their personal blog or newsletter or simply to play with it.

Once Kusama’s community (and us) gets familiar with the technology, we can move to the next step.

Estimated development duration and cost cost (4 week / 6k USD)

(Step 2) Council-owned Wiki

Develop a mechanism to have a Wiki that can only be updated if the council passes a proposal. This way it can be used as a formal knowledge base of the council were plans, strategies, budgets and organizational structure can be defined and communicated.

Because of the account owned prototype, Kusama’s community will be able to govern their own versions of the Wiki with their accounts and make proposals to the version owned by the council. All on-chain.

Estimated development duration and cost cost (TBD)

(Step 3) DAO/Multisig Owned content

Develop a parachain in substrate that is focused on content management (basic primitive is “update”) and use it to handle Kusama-governed content that can be used for Web3-powered news outlets, expert DAOs, participative policy, scientific writing and collaboration and many other uses cases.

This is our long term vision for linking our project with Polkadot. We think new generation blockchains will open the door for Web3-governed content apps and we are very well positioned to be the infrastructure on top of which these apps will be built.

Estimated development duration and cost cost (TBD)


Learn more about our project: this space includes all the details.

Check this video of the current prototype on Ethereum.

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Try it yourself (if you have metamask) by heading to https :// eth . intercreativity . io.

Get in touch with us on our Telegram https :// t. me /joinchat/ F5CuUBQMjbKTxLkWTd_jDg

Explore our code in Github: https :// github .com /uprtcl

What do you think :slight_smile: ?

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Heya, I find this a really great idea!

just FYI governance discussion on Kusama generally happens on https://kusama.polkassembly.io (and the Kusama Direction channel you already posted on) as you can create an identity there tied to your onchain identity. It would probably be a good idea to create a discussion there with a poll to understand what sentiment is around getting this treasury-funding!

Feel free to ping me on telegram or riot with any questions you may have around making your proposal when you feel comfortable doing that!

Only concern (and will mirror this when/if you post on Polkassembly) is we already have a pretty fractured space for new entrants to participate in governance on Kusama, we have Riot for ephemeral discussion, and then Polkassembly, Commonwealth, and “being built” is Subsocial. Subsocial is building a parachain, but Polkassembly and Commonwealth are “centralized” but already in discussions to federate or otherwise share a backend.

Intercreative is clearly a different direction in terms of format (wiki vs forum) but there’s still alot of overlap and potentially further friction for new participants so I’d really like to see some thought put into how we might be able to avoid that being a huge problem.

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Thanks. I will let you know when I’m ready to make the proposal. I already have a polkadot wallet.

Regarding your concern about fragmentation, I totally agree.

Eventually, we should make these apps interoperable. This is, in fact, one of the key goals of Intercreativity and _Prtcl, the technology that powers it: to build interoperable and modular applications.

Similar to how GIT repositories are free of the machine or platform that host them, “Evees”, which are the objects with which _Prtcl and Intercreativity works, are platform-and-app-agnostic, and can also jump from one platform to another, or live in both at once as different branches.

This space should provide a more tangible idea of our vision

Of course, we will have to wait some more time to reach that level of interoperability, But I really think its 100% feasible and needed and that our prototypes are in a good direction to prove it :).

Imagine just forking this conversation to [kusama . polkassembly . io] and continuing there :slight_smile:


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