Kusama potential validators Presentations

To all potential validator, :clipboard: :writing_hand:
Please post Validator address, website, email, riot user, you are also free to add more relevant information. Here is the list including potential validators for Kusama network,
We will keep the following list up-to-date for delegators meet the validators list before or after delegate.
:wink: :computer: :checkered_flag:

#Potential validators websites:

1.- https://twitter.com/dothereum
2.- https://cp0x.com/
3.- https://stake.fish/
4.- https://www.kysenpool.io/
5.- https://posbakerz.com/
6.- https://consensusnetworks.com/
8.- https://www.hashquark.io/
9.- http://purestake.com/
10.- https://p2p.org/
11.- https://meleatrust.com/
12.- https://polytreelabs.com/
13.- https://cryptium.ch/
14.- https://staker.space/
15.- https://gotartan.com/
16.- https://stake.capital/
17.- https://inchain.works/

NOTE: Being on this list does not imply that the information about the validator is verified, you must verify if the information provided by the validator is truthful. Clarify that being on this list does not imply that the validator is active. Also, you must confirm in the UI the validator active account.


Hello, my name is Victor Im one Polkadot Ambassador and want to present “melea” a validator service for Kusama

Contact via telegram

Contact via Riot > @melea:matrix.org

My validator is not active yet but when received the grant for W3F plan update the post and add more info.
Ty for the support.

Previous work


Dothereum Validators

The Dothereum Project operates three validators …


… and …


… and …


Find our forum thread here:

Nomination instructions on Medium:

Join our Discord:

We have a Discord bot for validator monitoring:

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I am a big fan of Polkadot.

Participate in various Polkadot testnets since August 2018. My node is the first and currently the only one node holder in Latin America (as well as in the southern hemisphere).

I am ambassador apprentices (and I hope to become a full-fledged ambassador soon).

I created forum in Russian (but feel free to write there in English and Portuguese), where we try to discuss and collect news about technology, not speculation, in a blockchain space.

Still create, install, engaged, pay and do all work alone. Therefore, if you want to support enthusiasts, not vc-backed firm, then first of all help to freely distribute information in any means of communication (talks, riot, tg, forums, medium, twitter, etc) and nominate to those who are most profitable to nominate personally for you.
Contact info:
riot: @illlefr4u:matrix.org
tg group: https://t.me/cp0x_forum
My forum: https://cp0x.com
twitter: kaplansky1
my kusama acc now: DfiSM1qqP11ECaekbA64L2ENcsWEpGk8df8wf1LAfV2sBd4

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Hello! Thanks for starting this Victor.

I am JK, heading the operations of :tropical_fish: stake.fish, a validator and node operator for Proof of Stake blockchains. We are looking forward to supporting Kusama (great name :bird:), the canary network of Polkadot.

Our validator is not currently active yet and I’ll update this once we are live. There are a few ways to reach out to us:
Riot: @bitbitbitcool
Telegram: https://t.me/stakefish
Twitter: @stakedotfish
Email: hi@stake.fish


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Victor, thank you for kicking this off, you rock!

Hi everyone!

I’d like to introduce KysenPool. We are a Staking-as-a-Service provider, operating a Cosmos Validator and Harmony Nodes at this time. Based in Silicon Valley setup in a Tier 3 Equinix infrastructure with a multi-Cloud setup

Personally a huge fan of Polkadot and Parity.

We are actively setting up Kusama and Polkadot validators, but they aren’t ready just yet. We’ll circle back to update this thread when we’re ready.

UPDATE Sep 12 0700 UTC – we’re up with the Polkadot v0.4.4 Validator on the Alexander testnet https://polkascan.io/pre/alexander/session/validator/70142-38 and a full node on Kusama

Twitter: @kysenpool
Medium: https://medium.com/kysenpool
Riot: @jacksteroo

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Hi everybody :wave:

Thanks @melea for initiating this thread,

I’m Edouard from POS Bakerz. We are an Infrastructure and Staking-as-a-Service operator for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) public blockchains.

At the moment, we operate full nodes on Polkadot testnet and Kusama, and are looking forward to becoming a validator on Kusama :bird:

If you want to get to know more about us, feel free to check our website or reach out to us:
Website: https://posbakerz.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PosBakerz

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Hey everyone!

Im Connor of Consensus Networks. We are Infrastructure-as-a-Service Provider for Public Blockchain Networks. We currently design, build, and support infrastructure for 6 different blockchain network mainnets. Among these we operate Validators for Cosmos, Terra, and IoTeX. We were in the genesis block of the latter two of these and have continued validating since. We also are one of 32 Authority Node Operators for the Factom Protocol globally and have been selected to run infrastructure for Elixxir this fall. We currently run a full node on Kusama and will shortly be running one on Polkadot as well on the Alexander testnet with plans for that to be a validator also. We look are really excited about the future of the Polkadot and Kusama projects and are eager to serve the community as a Validator.

Please feel free to reach out and get to know us more or if you have any questions!
Website: https://consensusnetworks.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/F883ms

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Hello everyone!

I’m LianghuiZhang from HashQuark. We are an Infrastructure and Staking-as-a-Service operator for PoS and DPoS public blockchains.

About HashQuark

HashQuark, member of HashKey Group, is a staking service provider focusing on public blockchains built upon the likes of PoS and DPoS, and has experiences running nodes for over 40 public blockchains, including ChainX, Cosmos, IRISnet, TomoChain, Cocos, IoTeX, Factom, V SYSTEMS, YOYOW, BOSCore, Dash, IOST, Tezos, etc. HashQuark Open Staking Platform, part of HashQuark, has entered into partnerships with the world’s leading crypto wallets and exchanges, joining in the efforts to build a more enabling staking ecosystem. HashQuark now ranks the No.2 staking provider globally in StakingRewards and has been recently named the best block producer by TokenInsight.

Related to Substrate/Polkadot

  • HashQuark is now a genesis trustee node and senator of ChainX, which is a gateway for Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Our team members joined Polkadot Shanghai meetup this April.
  • We’ve been studying the Polkadot technology and mechanisms to get ourselves more actively involved in the whole ecology. Technical reports that dive into Polkadot/Substrate are on the way.


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Howdy Everyone!

Thanks @melea for getting this thread going! I’m Nate from PureStake and it’s great to get introduced to everyone in this community. We provide Infrastructure-as-a-service for PoS blockchain networks including staking, node management and API services. Our team has extensive experience running highly available, highly secure global infrastructure supporting cloud and fintech applications as a service. We got our start supporting the Algorand network and see Polkadot as the next game-changing network. Our team looks forward to getting engaged as much as we can with the community over the coming months to support Kusama and the Mainnet launch! If interested in learning a bit more about us feel free to check out our website purestake.com. We’re up and running on Alexander and our Kusama address will be active shortly, I’ll edit this once it’s available.


Telegram – t.me/purestake

Twitter - @purestakeco

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Hello there!:wave:
I am Alexey Bondar from P2P Validator.

Our mission is to promote the value of the blockchain assets and give people access to the new emerging economy.

Currently, to correspond with our long term vision of decentralized ecosystem development we fully focus on running a comprehensive and secure validator.

We operate a full node on Polkadot testnet and Kusama validator. Our KSM staking address is: EUwcW86EFGDoDfUP2UJYuBwhCWC7cW9SdFH9cPh6UPBvBHj

To become a nominator check our comprehensive KSM delegation guide:

We’d like to invite everyone to our channels. Contact us any time:

Website: https://p2p.org/
Telegram: @p2pvalidator
Twitter: @p2pvalidator

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Greetings all,

My name is Terry, I am also an ambassador apprentice. I have been working within the blockchain industry for the last 6 years and have an advanced technology company in operation in the Asia/Pacific region (www.polytreelabs.com) I have taken a keen interest in Polkadot since its inception and I am happy to lend my support to Kusama/Polkadot for its success.

Currently, I have set up a single Kusama validator node behind a group of sentry nodes.
My intention, once transactions are opened, is to set up more such environments resulting in several validator nodes eventually.

According to the Polkadot NPoS documentation, all participating validators are paid block rewards equally. This incentivises the creation of many validating nodes instead of the creation of a single concentrated node.

Similarly, multiple validating nodes help mitigate single node failures and potential slashing penalties, since stake is spread across multiple nodes which have less chance of defaulting all at once compared to a a single point of failure.

This incentive structure also carries over to nominators: nominating several trusted nodes (rather than one single node) will split a nominator’s stake across those nodes allowing participation in the distributed block rewards for all of those nodes, which generally should be cumulatively more than the rewards from a single node. And similarly, this strategy distributes any validator penalty risks to a nominator’s stake when compared to the “all eggs in one basket” strategy.

Generally, these incentive structures will not hold for each individual round but instead they hold from the perspective of long term steady state expected value.

With the strategy of support for multiple validating nodes in mind, please consider including my deployed validator in your nomination set :slight_smile:


*Note: Other node addresses to be added later once transfers are opened.

riot: @terry_wilkinson:matrix.org
telegram: @terrywilkinson

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Howdy y’all! My name is Awa, one of the founders of Cryptium Labs (https://twitter.com/cryptiumlabs). We started as a security-oriented validator from the Swiss Alps. Now we’re mostly a protocol engineering and research team that continues operating highly secure validators to support technically novel PoS networks at the security layer.

You’ll find more info about us and the networks we’re running a validator for in mainnet and testnets: https://cryptium.ch

Of course, we’re pretty excited about the Polkadot stack and to start our validator on Kusama!

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Hi Kusama,

I’m gnossienli, been involved in the polkadot scene mainly from the sidelines, e.g. participating in meetups. I’m running at the moment on the secure-validator setup. You might not see our name on telemetry, as we are trying to fly under the radar :slight_smile:

My first priority is on securing the Kusama and future Polkadot network, some networks and teams I want to see succeed simply because I know what’s in their DNA, what they stand and code for. Also I see potential of developing own applications on parachains, hence I want to support this network.

Second priority is to learn and find out what is takes in terms of time and skills to do be a node operator and get better at this. Our team team consist of two, identities unknown, mission to break chains!

I’m currently a validator on Terra.money and Joystream and planning to be on Katal-chain, Akropolis, Edgeware and Cardano

You can nominate us on the following address:


More info & contact:

web: https://staker.space
Twitter: @StakerSpace
Riot/Matrix: @gnossienli:matrix.org

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Stake.Zone has validator address:


We provide validators for various other projects, in particular Cosmos. There is significant self-stake on our nodes, which implies commitment and responsibility out of sharing the risk with our nominators.

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Hi all,

My name is Enitan and I run Tartan Staking, we are running a secure validator setup and are focused on substrate based platforms. I am eagerly looking forward to the launch and would encourage you to stake with us!


Website: https://gotartan.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tartanstaking

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Hi everyone,

awesome to see that the set of validators is already growing. Thanks melea for kicking off this threat! Cool to see who is interested in actively participating in the Kusama network as well as the overall Polkadot ecosystem.

My name is Florian. I am co-founder and CTO of Staking Facilities. We are a professional staking-as-a-service provider from Munich, Germany. Polkadot is a project we have been closely following for quite some time now and are engaged in the whole ecosystem. We already participated in the Alexander testnet and will run multiple validators for Edgeware.

We are thrilled to be part of the Kusama network as a validator as well. Our nodes are fully operational. In addition, our staking dashboard will soon support tracking your Kusama staking rewards. Now, we look forward to your nominations.

If you have any questions about us, our set-up or our services, feel free to reach out. We are always happy to chat!

Our Kusama-Validator address:


Telegram: https://t.me/stakingfacilities

Website: https://stakingfacilities.com/

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Hi everyone,

My name is Julien Bouteloup - CEO of Stake Capital (@bneiluj). We provide Staking As a Service for our assets and delegators. We have been working for quite some time on Polkadot and are very excited about Kusama :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Our Validator: CsHw8cfzbnKdkCuUq24yuaPyJ1E5a55sNPqejJZ4h7CRtEs
Twitter: @StakeCapital
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/C6n3gxfA6wPvz-VisX5z-g
Discord: https://discord.gg/PU4vCW
Website: stake.capital


Julien Bouteloup

Hello everyone !

Behind InchainWorks is a team with 8+ years of professional experience in IT. We have been contributing these last years extensively in the blockchain scene in various (DPOS/POS) projects through running testnets, full nodes, as well as developing blockchain tools (monitoring, auto-balancing, auto reward distribution ….) and maintaining a blog in french about the projects we are working on. This whole journey has helped our team acquire a considerable amount of knowledge on the field. Those knowledges we acquired, are now being used in order to ensure the nodes we manage are maintained and operated in the best achievable conditions. In fact, part of our operations now consists on operating, maintaining and securing ‘validation’ nodes for DPOS and POS blockchain networks as well as providing staking services and maintaining a blog in french. We currently run nodes on different projects such as Polkadot, Joystream, ethereum 2.0, Nucypher, and kava Testnets, and PIVX, Syndicate, IRISnet and Kusama mainnets.

Why stake with us?

We understand that the value of any network relies on the security of each of the nodes that compose it. We do also understand that compromising one node means compromising the whole network. In fact, any component of the network should be able to protect itself from an ever-expanding list of intrusions and attacks. That is why our team constantly strives to achieve the highest possible security standards for the nodes we maintain and operate. Our experience have allowed us to set up a node’s security best practice which is constantly updated and upgraded and that is applied to any of the nodes we set up. We also have our own multichannel monitoring software that notifies us whenever there is a problem with any component of our platform. Besides that, we also make use of monitoring software provided by the trusted validators.

We offer a hybrid approach to infrastructure which consists of having multiple public clouds from different service providers, while taking into account redundancy as well as uptime through setting up two backup nodes for each node we operate; that will take over in case the main one is malfunctioning. Moreover, we have structured our network topology in a two layered sentry node architecture. In this configuration, our validator nodes are isolated from other nodes in the network, and are only connected to their private sentry nodes. They are based on different public clouds which are privately and solely connected to our validator node servers which are located in secured colocation data centers. Those private sentry nodes are in their turn connected to our public sentry nodes, which are connected to the internet. This allows us to mitigate the risk of compromised key through hardware security modules , hide the IP address of the validator node as well as those of our private sentry nodes and last but not least protect our validator node from DDoS attacks.

An uptime of 99,0182% have already been proven with previous and actual nodes we manage. Our current environment, network infrastructure and security practices are extremely reliable.

Validator Address : DbAdiLJQDFzLyaLsoFCzrpBLuaBXXqQKdpewUSxqiWJadmp

Contact us:

Website: https://inchain.works

Email: contact@inchain.works

Twitter: https://twitter.com/inchain_works

Riot: @rkyasss

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Hi Everyone,

We are ChainLayer. A trusted validator on multiple networks like Cosmos, Terra, Iris, Wanchain and others.

We are excited to validate on Kusama and even more about Polkadot!

Our Validator Address: EFeCdfpLENVJJNajoDCvSJ9f9CwutiaDeUFxWjA54kWEG17

You can contact us on:
Website: https://chainlayer.io
Twitter: chainlayerio
Telegram: https://t.me/chainlayer

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