Need help please with ERA

So on the polkadot.js app for kusama I am nominating a few validators but on the polkawallet app it shows I am not nominating anyone.
Also when trying to unbond tokens and redeem tokens it doesn’t seem that I can.
Here are two images in one photo. One shows the wallet names Peter. This shows that I’ve unbonded 10 KSM but it says it’s locked for 7 era. What is 7 era or how long is it because it’s been days now and that hasn’t changed.
Also on same wallet under nominating it says I’m not nominating anyone, but in the Polkadot. Js app it shows who I’m nominating.

On the second picture it shows another wallet with 3 lots of unbonded but locked amounts. One shows 7 era and 2 show 28 era. Why doesn’t this change?
It’s come to the point where I’ve even tried doing this by changing my controller address back to my stash address. Because it says something about not having any ksm in the controller address in a red warning to be able to unlock them to the controller address (polkawallet.js app) but if I change controller address to stash address it allows me but then ends up with this locked era .

Also, in the polkawallet app it doesn’t have any button for me to nominate or to unbond or change controller address, it only has that on the polkadot.js app but in the images of the polkawallet app where you download it , there it shows all those buttons.

Why can’t I stake and unlock or even nominate in polkawallet and what is this era all about?

Should I have a custom address added to the polkawallet app and if so what is that?

When I click on either address to see them on the block explorer it shows no transactions at all. UPDATE: It appears o can see them now on this but it shows them as free when they are actually locked.

Ideally I’d like to get my KSM back in their wallets and then start again.

Please see images I’ve put into one image.