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Hi Kusamians :bird:,

Some of you might know me as the node-operator behind Staker Space. My goal is not only to secure and validate the network and transactions, but also to build with the great tooling that is available. I have been walking around for some time with an idea on housing, making it more social and fair, basically creating a new segment for housing between social housing and the free housing market.

I’m probably not the first that want’s to tokenize houses and let everyone own a fraction of a house and see your interest grow, however I think none of the previous projects actually got the right angle. The housing market is stuck in many developed countries where the wealthy get easier access to housing. The fairness is gone and many middle class individuals, couples or families cannot afford housing as houses are more and more owned by bigger investment funds.

Fair Squares tries to solve this by capping the interest that investors get, this gives the renter a better affordability on housing and investors get a fair interest that they cannot get with their current long-term savings. So you get DeFi, Social Good and housing in one project. There are some technical difficulties to overcome, but that is not the goal of this message.

In it’s essence Fair Squares is a platform where houses can be owned and rented publicly in a regulated manner and where funding comes from the people involved. Fair Squares is an organization that makes it easier for investors to invest in housing and for renters to get access to affordable housing. The protocol ensures that the agreed upon governance is applied to the underlying assets and stakeholders, in line with rules and regulations.

The novelty consists in the fact that it will be an open system where communities can own houses, where newcomers can easily enter the market, where rental properties are affordable and the entire process is transparent and fair. This is a completely different set of features that the current system of owning and renting a house cannot offer you.

I see many of the current Kusama/Polkadot governance tools being applicable in this idea. It will just need two different layers of governance, one on the asset which the shareholders and the tentants decide, other the overarching governance that governs the protocol and the region/nation-wide rules and regulations. The composition and the roles and responsibilities would also be different as it involves real-world assets. Combining that with blockchains is already a hard task.

I’m hoping that the idea gains some traction by placing it here and for some feedback. I’m willing to go also after the hackathon for this, whether it’s a treasury fund or another fund, also looking for the technical support this project desperately needs. I’m currently applying also for Block.Is for a grant to develop this, hoping to kickstart it with Hackusama.

See attached the whitepaper that goes more into depth about the Idea.

Fair Squares Whitepaper

You can reach out to me on Riot:

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Ilhan Hi!
Some feedback for you as I was also thinking a lot about the housing market and blockchain’s role in it:

  1. The complexity of the idea and it’s implementation require a large scale to justify it. Some big players are working on similar topics (from different angles).
  2. It’s a bit early to implement this with Kusama imho. Also, do you have a good idea of the PoC you are doing for the Hackaton?
  3. Technical implementation is the smallest part of the project - legal work, community building, property management are bigger and harder.
    Feel free to reach out for technical help or for further discussions @amitrovich.
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