Unable to unbond funds

Hello all, I have run into an issue and i believe i am at a dead end. I had purchased some KSM a while back, and had staked the funds. The funds were stored on my hardware ledger as my stash. I am now trying to unstake and unbond the funds from the controller account, however i no longer have access to the controller account. I cannot unbond the funds, the option has been greyed out. I do not have a .json file nor the neumonic seed to recover the account, all i have is the public address of the account. Are my funds totally lost here? or can they be recovered? Thanks in advance everyone

hey @Cappyyy: you dont have the json or mnemonic of the controler? if you have this access for the stash account, you can still set up a new controller account (set_controller) and unbond the funds from there.

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